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Build your own website (with WordPress)

WordPress Pumpkin

As a freelancer, your chances of success improve greatly when you get online. By having a website you can reach a wider audience and be discovered by all kinds of fantastic new clients. Websites are amazingly useful for freelancers, so you should have one and maintain it as though your career depends on it (it actually does).

But if you’re just starting out, and can’t afford to pay a web designer to create your website, what do you do? Well, thanks to, building a website is easy.

Here’s how to create a website with WordPress

  1. Go to
  2. Click the big ‘Sign up now’ button
  3. Choose your web address (choose wisely; something descriptive but short is good. Or your name.)
  4. Enter a username, password and your email address.
  5. Click ‘Sign up’.
  6. You will now have a website.

Look more professional with your own domain

After following the steps above you will have a website with an address like ‘’ or ‘’. That’s great (thank-you WordPress!) but you may prefer to look more professional and like a serious business by having your own domain.

For $17 per year you can, with just a few clicks, move your website over to your own domain. This will give you a shorter web address, without the ‘’ bit. So you might now have, ‘’ or’.

You can make a website in one hour

Actually, you can do it in less time. I recently created a new blog in 30 minutes. You can change the appearance and all of the content, and WordPress is a phenomenal piece of open-source software. So you aren’t trusting your website to software owned and licensed by a profit-driven company.

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